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EVA Foam 101 - Video 8: Using Worbla and Wonderflex with EVA Foam

Video 8: Thermoplastics - To Use or Not to Use with EVA Foam


If you wanted more information or links to some of these products used in the video, here they are. None of the links affiliate links.

Places to Get These Thermoplastics (Non-Affiliate Links)

-Worbla's Finest Art Medium Sheet (Use those Michael's Coupons) LINK -Worbla Black Art Medium Sheet (Use those Michael's Coupons) LINK -Wonderflex LINK

Tools Used:

>EVA Foam Project/Pieces

>Respirator/Dust Mask and Other Safety Needs

>Dremel 2050 Stylos + LINK

>Wagner Heat Gun LINK

Steps to Cover Foam Shapes:

1. Cut out Rough Shape

2. Heat Rough Shape Over top of pieces

You will see it start to flex - that is your moment.

3. Cover and press into Foam.

Steps to Add Details: 1. Cut out Detail or Strip 2. Heat Piece and attach one end. 3. Continue heating and attaching details to base.

TIP: Practice using your chosen Thermoplastic before working on your piece. It will help you work on your piece with less worry.

Let me know if you have questions or want more information. Happy Making!

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Hey Nicole! 👋 Just watched your "EVA Foam 101 Video 8" and it's a game-changer! 🌟 Your tips on using Worbla and Wonderflex with EVA foam are a total game-changer. Thanks for the clear instructions and awesome techniques. Can't wait to incorporate these into my projects! - your fan from zeemeermin kleurplaat

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