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EVA Foam 101 - Video 7: 4 Steps to Prepped EVA Foam

Video 7: Prep that EVA Foam


If you wanted more information or links to some of these products used in the video, here they are. None of the links affiliate links.

Supply List:

Tools Used:

>EVA Foam Project/Pieces

>Respirator/Dust Mask and Other Safety Needs

>Dremel 2050 Stylos + LINK

>Wagner Heat Gun LINK >Prop Monkey Primer LINK >Plastidip LINK

The Four Steps: [no secrets]

1. Sand

Sand Your Seams.

2. Heat Seal Foam

Take A Second to Heat Up Your Foam - It will Close the Cells.

3. Prime Foam

Prime Foam with a Primer. I used Prop Monkey's Primer.

4. Plastidip

3-4 Coats To Make it Nice.

Other alternatives to Plastidip:

-Flexbond - I have seen a ton of people use it and I want to try it out. Right now I am just waiting on some of it to come in so I can test it.

Let me know if you have questions or want more information. Happy Making!

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