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EVA Foam 101 - Video 3: Power Tools to Cut EVA Foam

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Episode 3: Power Tools To Cut EVA Foam


If you wanted more information or links to some of these products used in the video, here they are.

Places In Your Town (United States):

Scroll Saw:

>Newer Version of the one I have: [Harbor Freight]

Pros: works well, has ability to hook vacuum to it to keep visibility good while working AND 16" working space (also known as the throat of the machine). This is not an affiliate link - I love this tool.

Band Saw:

Good starter version [These are ones that have good reviews and are priced decently.

The bigger and better one: Why? It is larger space for cutting thicker foams or pieces out. Some may have better speed control/a larger motor for cutting through things.

Tip: Search your local Craigslist [carefully] to see if anyone is getting rid of these tools for cheaper. You might have to do some maintenance to get the tools to work in peak condition but it will be worth it.

For International Peeps: (I will continue to add to this list.)

Amazon Links [might be available for order]

Things to look at when purchasing a scroll saw or band saw if these aren't available: 1. Maximum thickness of material you can put through it.

2. Throat space on both machines and if you can work with that 3. Variable speeds to tailor to your EVA foam cutting needs 4. Ability to angle plate for bevels.

If you follow those 4 things, you are sure to get a tool that can get you where you want to go.

Let me know if you have questions or want more information. Happy Making!

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