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EVA Foam 101 Video 1: Where to Get the Foam

New Video Series: EVA Foam 101

Episode 1 Released TODAY


If you wanted more information or links to some of these products, here they are.

Places In Your Town (United States):

Joanns: Has both Yaya Han Foam products in Various Thicknesses (2mm/5mm/10mm sheets of foam, scale pieces, and dowels) and Colorful Letter Size Sheets (normally for kids crafts)

Hardware Stores (Lowes and Home Depot): Have EVA Foam mats usually for the floor or home gym.

Local Reupholstery Places: Might sell EVA Foam or other closed cell foam. All foams are not created equal so know what kind of foam it is before purchasing.

Online Options:

Amazon: So many options when you look on Amazon. Here are two that I have purchased from before and used on projects. (These are Amazon Affiliate Links).

Link for Large Sheet:

Link for Letter Sized Sheets:

TNT Cosplay: Great Company with a lot of options for foam sheet sizes and colors.

Link to Main Website:

Link to Mega Sheet (Super Great Size):

For International Peeps: (Hopefully I can continue to add to this list.)

I have heard good things about SKS Props Foam. They are sold through Blick and ship internationally.

Let me know if you have questions or want more information. Happy Making!

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