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This is a standard one ring belt made of 8/9oz leather made 1 1/2" wide with a 2" ring.


There are several options for colors of rings: Silver and Gold. That selection should be written down in the personalization section.  There are several options for the dye color of the leather. Leather will be dyed on the front and back and sealed. This doesn't mean that there might be some dye that rubs off when it comes into contact with water and/or sweat. 


Right now, I only offer up to two sizes - 56" and 60" this is measured from the end of the ring to the tip of the leather. To see if this will work for you, please use a string or fabric tape measure to measure how you would like to wear your circle belt. If you need a size smaller or larger, feel free to message and I will see what I can do with current supplies.


Since these are hand dyed, I try to get the colors as close to those photographed. Still there can be variation in dyed color.


These belts come completely blank other than the one rivet holding the belt on the ring. If you would like to commission a belt with a design, please message me and I can create a custom order.