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Side Quest: Philter of Love

This blog is an extension of my Youtube video showing how to make your own Philter of Love.

Let's start making!

Tools Used:

Bottle Supplies

>Cool Glass Jar

>Clear Pink Heart Bead


>Clear Elastic Cord

Potion Supplies:

>Sprite or Lemon-Lime Soda


>Red Clear Sprinkles [Brand Used: Wilton]


Step One: Attach Bead into the Inside of Jar

Using the Clear Cord, Bead, and Twine: Suspend the heart bead inside your jar. I tied a knot on the end of the elastic cord and slipped the bead onto the cord. I tied the other end to the twine and tied the twine to the outside. That can get a bow or some other detailing depending on your interests.

Step Two: Create the Drink

I started by pouring the Lemon-Lime Soda in first and then added the Grenadine. I think 75% was Soda and 25% was Grenadine. This amount will purely depend on the size of your jar.

Note: You can add one more ingredient if you wish this to be an adult beverage. That is your business.

Step Three: Make it Sparkle

Put in Red Clear Sprinkles and as much Pearl Dust as you want to make your potion shine!

Close Videos of those Sparkles/As Close as I can Do Right Now --

Step Four: Drink or Share [Safely]!


Thank you for reading this guide. Happy Making!

For more - Check out my other videos on youtube!

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